The Children’s Advocacy Network

If you are concerned about children’s health and safety, your help is instrumental. We invite you to join the Children’s Advocacy Network, and become a grassroots advocate.

Grassroots legislative advocacy encourages many individuals who share the same concerns to speak up about those concerns when they speak to legislators. In the children’s hospital community, it means bringing together many people who care about children and children’s health and organizing them to communicate with elected officials in an effective and efficient way, such as writing e-mails and support letters, phone calls, and personal visits.

As a grassroots advocate, Miami Children’s Hospital will contact you when your help is needed. Your voice is important in making sure that our elected leaders understand the issues and take steps to help our children.

If you are interested in joining the Children’s Advocacy Network and becoming involved in the decision-making process affecting the well-being of children in Florida, please fill out the form below.

You may also contact us by phone at 305-666-6511 ext. 8435 or via email at