Saving Babies Better and Faster

The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Miami Children’s Hospital (MCH) is proud to serve as a regional, national, and international Level III D referral center, receiving critically-ill newborns from throughout South Florida, as well as South and Central America and the Caribbean.

Miami Children’s Hospital’s payor mix is over 67% Medicaid admissions. Florida Medicaid has paid for a large number of transports for critically-ill neonates to Miami Children’s Hospital to ensure they receive the highest quality tertiary care.  Delivering these high risk newborns at Miami Children’s Hospital would save Florida Medicaid (and private insurers) the high transportation costs incurred each year.

Ensuring that these critically-ill neonates can be delivered safely and immediately to receive Level II or Level III NICU services at the same location will eliminate transport risks and allow for the coordination of highly skilled, life-saving interventions to critically-ill newborns immediately after birth.  This will improve overall outcomes for these children.

  • MCH has admitted 2,266 neonates over the past 5 1/2 years. 1,339 of these neonatal admissions were diagnosed with conditions considered to be high-risk before birth.
  • MCH seeks to allow for the delivery of approximately 1% of the tri-county’s most vulnerable babies


County Destination 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 Grand Total
Broward 28 35 24 22 21 15 144
Miami-Dade 175 183 176 193 180 186 1,093
Palm Beach 58 31 48 36 31 37 241
Grand Total 261 249 248 251 232 238 1,479


Expense Per Transport Medicaid Reimbursement Per Transport
Helicopter $27,033.43 $2,410.10
Ambulance $635.22 $179.91
Fixed Wing $15,105.93 $954.67


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