MCH Anywhere® is transforming the way healthcare is accessed, delivered and experienced in ways we never thought possible. Telehealth is helping us advance care into the virtual world and extend it to more children than ever before. Children living in rural, low-income or underserved areas often face challenges in obtaining healthcare services due to barriers such as lack of transportation, lack of healthcare insurance, and limited access to health care providers.

Telehealth provides opportunities for new service deliver models to manage and treat many routine medical problems. Through innovative Telehealth technologies, our programs enhance access to care for children with chronic conditions, facilitate health education, and increase the capacity of schools to meet the healthcare needs of students. By leveraging our existing domestic and international partners, ambulatory care network and school health projects, we can identify children and adolescents with unmet medical needs and enable easy access to health care, in order to fulfill our vision to be where the children are.

Nicklaus Children’s Hospital encourages Telemedicine legislation that would statutorily define Telemedicine, create standards for practice in the State of Florida and require Medicaid programs to cover Telemedicine services in order to enhance access to our most vulnerable patients.